Plant more trees in cities

Updated: May 21, 2020

As you may have noticed some cities are designed using the same urban block design concept and in most cities have a central park which everyone can share and enjoy. So why is it now more important than ever before to line our city block systems with trees?

In 1850, following a visit to Birkenhead city park, North West England, American Landscape Architect Fredrick Law Olmstead returned to New York City to design New York central park, Birkenhead city park in Merseyside had inspired him. City parks and green places for people to increase the quality of life and enrich our landscape. In Barcelona 'Catalan superblocks' are being designed across the city creating health and well-being places for people. If you are wondering what a superblock is, it isn't a plaza it is a large traffic intersection redesigned to make existing roads completely pedestrianised creating more recreational green places for people in the city, further limiting vehicles, reducing city traffic and air pollution and in less polished designs using used vehicle tires and recycled materials transforming existing roads into peaceful green places for adults and children and playgrounds for children.

So why is planting more trees in the city important to our health and wellbeing?

Here's an important reminder:

  1. Trees in public places create the air we breathe and filter air pollution

  2. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air and other greenhouse gases

  3. Trees cool the earth down and keep hot climates cooler

  4. Trees provide shade from the sun - a beautiful place to read a book and relax

  5. Trees enrich our landscape adding value to our homes and the city

  6. Trees make us feel good and make people happy

  7. Trees are the longest living organism on the planet - people love trees

  8. Trees help prevent erosion by binding the soil to the roots

  9. Trees provide a home for birds and wild life

  10. Trees reduce noise pollution particularly when they are lined along with urban blocks

Tree-lined streets add quality to our lives and on a light-hearted note, some trees tell a tale!

Don't forget your roots.

Age is only a number.

"Just say no" cheese, wine and chocolate everyday!

How complicated life can be at times!

This tree brought a childhood storytale to life #yosemite #yogibear #jellystonepark #redwood

I will refrain from going on, ha!

If you are interested in finding out which areas in England have planted the most new trees and without getting annoyed find out which areas have been neglected, click the link. If your area isn't listed please share and have your say.


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