Shopping in Barcelona for natural antibiotics

Updated: Jun 5

Spain has 280 people infected with Coronavirus, of which five are dead including a couple of old people from my neighbourhood, yet I would encourage people to avoid panic-buying because Covid-19 it is a virus which needs a vaccine, it is not a bacteria spreading infection! Still, shoppers are starting to bulk buy in case they cannot visit the shop. That said, hand-sanitation is sold-out across Barcelona, which proves shoppers are shopping excessively for this product here in Barcelona.

Shopping for natural antibiotics

This is a quick 2-minute blog just to remind us all, that the following seven natural ingredients act as a natural antibiotic so no need to panic buy larder products. As for hand-sanitiser, well, hot tap water and natural soap works. Boris Johnson (UK PM) has said: "While washing our hands we should sing 'Happy birthday' twice to ensure they are thoroughly clean." Albeit there are better archetypical songs to sing!

Okay, so you probably already have some, if not all of the following natural ingredients in your larder. If you do not, the below items are commonplace and fairly cost-effective to buy next time you go shopping in Barcelona or where ever you live.

  1. Garlic - contains potent medical properties and prevents common colds

  2. Echinacea - fights flu and reduces inflammation

  3. Goldenseal - excellent for common colds and upper respiratory tract infections, stuffy nose and hay fever.

  4. Oregano - reduces inflammation, kills bacteria, has cancer-fighting properties and improves gut health. I mix raw oregano into one of my olive oil jars so it is ready to use.

  5. Manuka honey - takes up to 6 hours to kill off 90% of bacteria (1-2 tsp does not work) for it to act as an antibiotic we need to digest at least 3-4 tsp. Manuka honey is more expensive because it is a better grade with a higher level of bioactive compounds.

  6. Cloves - is high in antioxidants and kills off bacteria. I love the taste of cloves. I pop 2-3 cloves in hot water, squeeze a bit of fresh lemon and cut up a bit of ginger. This is healthier and cheaper than buying tea bags and it tastes much better.

  7. Ginger - reduces pain and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Before anything else, our health comes first. If you are in good health and you are not on all-sorts of medication there is no reason to panic buy. I say, with a dry feeling of hope in my throat!

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