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When we think about the effect we want to create in our homes, what we often consider is the mood or atmosphere at home. During Covid-19 lockdown, we have all been spending more time at home and depending upon where we live in the world lockdown restrictions have been more laid-back or super strict. Either way, where ever we live, being at home during Covid-19 lockdown has probably made a lot of us realise how important our environment is.

Whether a room is to have a sense of being relaxed or formal, stimulating or calming, cool and airy or warm and cosy. The mood of a room relates to how we want to feel when we are in the room.

I enjoyed growing up with a family cat so I enjoy having a cat padding around me at home. Bringing a pet into a home creates a certain atmosphere, that being relaxing and calm. Unless of course, you own a rescue pet. A pet who has experienced abuse and has mental health issues may not be as relaxed without professional help and this type of pet may create a different environment at home. Rescue pets need more time to adapt, but generally having a happy pet sets the atmosphere at home.

Over the years I have wasted money on a couple of cat scratching posts, which disappointingly neither of my cats used. Thus, I find cat scratching posts unsightly and ascetically out of place in most rooms. A cat is part of the family so his/her interior cat scratching post should fit into our home like any other piece of furniture in a given style of a room. Cats naturally sharpen their claws on real wood surfaces and robust materials so it is important to intentionally provide him/her with a functional object of sorts depending upon the style and mood of the room and the climate in which the cat lives. 

Like any piece of furniture, we need to consider the mood, style and function. With this in mind, I have selected a handful of stylish cat scratching posts in different textures and surface materials. Before you read the list below, scroll back up to the blog photograph and find the cat scratching post. Can you find it? Yes, it is the beautiful timber supporting beam in the centre of the living room, and no matter what we do a cat will scratch this post and attempt to scratch most of your interior furniture so it is important to train him/her and spray the object with catnip so she/he only scratches the intended object. This is why the finish on the object is important, as is the decision behind whether you find it acceptable behaviour for the cat to scratch it?

If you are looking for a stylish cat scratching post to fit the mood and style of a particular room here are a few interior design ideas. Your cat is going to sharpen his/her claws on the object and scratch it regularly so shop for something second-hand, slightly damaged or an intentional object that works with the style of the room and spray it with catnip. Here are some ideas;

This is a hand-carved wooden Spanish chair of no value that I found next to a bin in Gracia. I have treated it for woodworm and it, unfortunately, has metal screws in the front legs so it is perfect as a cat scratching post. I would not advise bringing furniture with woodworm into a home, but once it has been treated with white vinegar and lemon juice welcome it inside.

This is a second-hand wooden storage box made with inexpensive wooden panels, therefore, it is perfect as a cat scratching post and it only cost 10.00 euros.

This is a galleria urban herb wall garden which is perfect for growing herbs in a small restricted area. It is made from inexpensive wooden panels so before planting spray the lower panels with catnip as he/she will naturally scratch and investigate the aroma of the herbs. Your cat will attempt to scratch all of your furniture, including anything leather so it is important to decide what she can scratch when you place the object or panel in a room.

Cats scratch doors, not to open, but to get your attention and wake you up. He/she will sharpen her claws on a door so the finish on the surface material is important. It is not possible for a cat to scratch glossy objects like a Renaissance oak chair or Jacobean so maybe consider shopping for an old damaged door and simply lean the door, like a panel against a wall.

In a nordic theme or mid-century modern room, a large piece of driftwood is an ideal object for a cat scratching post. You can find driftwood on the beach, failing some furniture shops sell large and small collections.

These vintage '1960s PepsiCo, Inc American multinational wooden containers will work nicely as a cat scratching post in an industrial style kitchen or '1960s style room.

Picking up artefacts on our travels is a wonderful way of injecting character and history from within the object into a room. This is a severely weathered wooden sculpture from Thailand. It has been dropped, unloved and exposed to the elements and although it is possible to restore it, I like it the way it is. It tells a story. It is already aged, weathered and badly chipped, therefore, it sits perfectly on a floor acting as a rather unique cat scratching post.

In four weeks life should start to move towards the new normal. We will be able to travel again. Travellers and tourists will be buzzing around our cities again. Hear, hear to this movement. If you are planning on travelling to Barcelona join me on one of my 3-hour urban shopping tours. Book here.

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