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Updated: Jun 5

Everything comes from the great book of nature.

As quoted by one of the most important visionaries who surpassed all standards of environmental sensitivity by affirming the moral supremacy of natural setting over the cityscape of Barcelona. Spanish, Catalan Artist and Architect Antoni Gaudi was evidently influenced by plants and nature, he utilised recycled and local materials allowing the natural sunlight from outside into his architecture. Plants and nature are intuitive. Interior plants help allergies and inspire us.

At the moment, our health and freedom are compromised, so if ever there is a time to bring plants and nature into our homes, it is now 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown.  Because by bringing the outside inside and surrounding ourselves with impressive palms, plants and plant cuttings this boosts our mood and makes us feel great. It is Hayfever season and Iike many people, I suffer from mild hayfever and a dust allergy so in an attempt to counteract the exposed interior brickwork in my home I have slowly overtime invested in a number of empowering plants. Exposed interior brick walls look great but if the walls are not sealed properly they are a haven for microscopic dust and dirt which is a no-no for people with a dust allergy.

Positioning interior plants in places we work I like to admire a plant from every angle of a room. Where ever I stand or sit I obsessively like to be able to appreciate the beauty of a plant, even a tiny cactus in a recycled container injects life into a room and makes us smile. The positioning of a plant, for very obvious reasons, is integral to a plants survival. However, the positioning of a plant in places we work or spend time is also important. If you dislike hanging the washing out or washing the dishes is the bain of your life, pop a striking plant next to the sink, if you sit at an office desk all day, position a plant in your view. Bring the outside inside and utilise any wastewater by feeding a plant which is positioned near your sink. Thus, when we are in the kitchen cooking, eating and socialising we can feel the outside inside all around us. 

If you or a family member suffer from allergies shop mindfully when you shop for plants. I have a small, but growing collection of internal and external plants albeit I mindfully selected interior air-purifying plants for allergies as they are beneficial and plants work for us.

Why are plants good for allergies?

- Interior plants purify the air

- Interior plants purify the air which heightens during hayfever season, thus, plants boost our mood and productivity - Interior plants bring even the smallest room or external area to life which make us feel better

- Interior plants, well some plants, smell harmonious which will aid certain seasonal allergies

- Interior plants and nature inspire us.

Bringing the outside inside by shopping for interior plants can be a costly affair so spread the love by shopping one month at a time, and take cuttings from existing plants and enjoy watching them grow. It is super rewarding to grow plants, vegetables and fruit from seed or a plant cutting from another plant and it keeps the cost down while making our digits green along the way.  Ironically as I am sat here writing this inside the lounge, a baby pigeon has just flown right past me. It is obviously confused. It flew right past the kitchen and into the office. 'What the fuck" my husband has just shouted, well actually he screamed and jumped out of his seat. The cat is padding, she is on the prowl. I think you could say I have nailed bringing the outside inside during Covid-19 as this is the second time during lockdown a pigeon has flown past me inside from a tree outside. Okay, so thankfully the baby pigeon has just managed to duck past my cat and fly back outside safely! Leaving the handful of feathers on the floor and the pigeon poop dripping from Phil's laptop aside, here is a list of 8 plants which are ideal for people with allergies;

  1. Monstera (giant turtleback)

  2. Mother-in-laws-tongue

  3. Bamboo palm

  4. Aloe Vera

  5. Spider plant

  6. Peace lily

  7. Lady palm

  8. Dracaena

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