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Updated: Jun 5

A digital receipt system and paperless companies are nothing new, but on the green road to sustainability more of our favourite high-street retail brands are becoming environmentally receptive by introducing a digital paperless delivery method which is a fairly newish logistic concept within online retail shopping.

"This is ridiculous, you are ridiculous my order arrived without paperwork and I want to make a return and I don't know where to begin".

If you have not yet shopped online with a paperless brand this simply means, the delivery arrives without paperwork. In a nutshell, it is the same Android and IOS digital receipt system used at airport control, at music gigs and the cinema etc.

Due to the ongoing climate crisis, the future of fashion is constantly under the spot light, therefore socially conscious consumers like myself or fashion junkies, in fact, everyone who buys and wears clothes can now embrace a paperless online experience. If we want to make a return, we manage it digitally ourselves by logging back into our online shopping account or via the guest shopper link on the returns page. Many established fashion retailers do this. It is effective and works. Unless of course, the online shopper forgets to read the 'how to make a return' page before they check out!

If you shop online you will have noticed many retailers are doing what they can to become sustainable in areas where it is possible, and this digital step to reduce the carbon footprint is in the right direction.

So what can social conscious consumers, fashion junkies and Interior Designers do to help?

Currently, consumers return 77% of clothes gifts online because of the wrong size, fit or colour so we should be aiming to become more mindful online shoppers.

Introducing an online electronic billing system does away with paper sales receipts and a printed paper return label. But how do consumers view receipts, make returns or exchanges without paper work and what can we do to avoid returns?


The receipt is the e-mail confirmation which is automatically saved in the 'my orders' section of the consumers personal shopping account.


The confirmation e-mail is the shopping receipt and you don’t have to print it out.


The buyer simply shows the electronic receipt attached to the Order Confirmation on the screen of the buyers mobile phone, and the item that people want to exchange in-store, providing of course that the webshop accepts returns in store, which most do.


Before we shop online, know what size we are. Not all fashion brands are cut out the same. You might be small in one shop and medium in another! This is normal. Simply measure your chest, waist and hips and refer to the size guide online.

The idea behind a paperless delivery method is to reduce the brand's carbon footprint to become more sustainable, ultimately offering the consumer a digital experience.

With a few easy clicks and a visit to the drop-off point, it is easy to make an online return, but it is important to read the product description and measure yourself first. The mothership of internet shopping Amazon has expanded its return policy offering free returns labels at 5800 locations. When established brands and industry professionals change in an effort to become more sustainable it builds trust in socially conscious consumers or anyone who wants to open their wardrobe and be happy, not regretful about the choices they have made.

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