Best antique and vintage furniture shops in Barcelona

Shopping for antique and vintage furniture in Barcelona adds a touch of nostalgia to a shopping trip, thus, shopping for second-hand antique and vintage furniture is possibly the most sustainable way to shop for furniture. Depending upon the style, mood and function of a room, adding an antique or vintage piece of furniture or an unusual artefact will not only inject character into a room, but it combines history from within. 

During Covid-19 lockdown, we spent endless hours inside our homes, of which my long-standing love for the practice of Feng Shui, kicked back into action. On more than one occasion I re-energised each room and brought the outside inside by surrounding our living environment with harmonious plants, large palms and calming aromas. Feng Shui, also, known as Chinese geomancy traditionally originated from ancient China where the positioning of a simple plant is the life or death of an object. If you grow plants and vegetables you will relate. 

Authentic antique and vintage furniture has a story behind it and history within it, thus, when we change the energy in a room by bringing a piece of new or old furniture into a room we bind the universe, earth and humanity. Placing an antique or vintage piece of furniture or rare artefact in a contemporary room celebrates yin and yang by creating an exertion and receiving the exertion. Second-hand, antique furniture tells a story which is why I love shopping in antique and vintage shops in Barcelona.

However, there are hundreds of antique and vintage furniture shops (and flea-markets) in Barcelona, so I have selected the best antique and vintage furniture shops in Barcelona. The 'best' based on the wide variety of antique and vintage furniture and artefacts in the shop, the overall shopping experience and aesthetic of the shop. 

Whether you are shopping for a 19th-century chest of drawers made of mahogany wood, with inlaid marquetry or an ancient coin-operated spacecraft for a child you will find such treasures shopping in the following antique and vintage furniture shops in Barcelona;

1. Brutus de Graper

This is possibly one of the best industrial style vintage and antique furniture shop in Barcelona. The owners are friendly and knowledgeable and they offer a vast assortment of vintage furniture, rare antiques and interiors in a spacious ground floor warehouse. The shop is near the beach, so, kill two birds with one stone for a win-win shopping trip and if you can't carry the Bovenkamp chair below home, arrange delivery.

2. Mon Antic Barcelona

Mon Antic Barcelona has a really unusual collection of rare artefacts and antique and vintage furniture and if you don't live in Barcelona you can shop online. You will be amazed by their hand-collected collection of interesting furniture and artefacts here.

3. Holala Plaza (Vintage)

I discovered Holala Vintage in Ibiza in my teenage years. It sells unique antiques, real vintage clothes (20 years old) and furniture so if you enjoy exploring and taking a trip down memory lane when you shop, you must shop here. This vintage furniture shop is such good fun. The salespeople are super-friendly and it is located next to CCCB in Barcelona so again you can kill two birds with one stone!

4. Mercat Dels Encants (Els Encants Vells)

Mercat Dels Encants is one of the oldest flea-markets in Europe. It was designed by B720 Fermin Vaxquex Architects who designed a large mirror ceiling with slightly inclined panels intertwining which reflect the chaos of the market-traders and shoppers underneath. Mercat Dels Encants is the same-but-different to strolling through a pedestrian street and you never know what you might find, so if you enjoy innovative architecture and shopping with an open mind, take cash and enjoy the organised-chaos in the hustle and bustle underneath a glorious structure. 

If you enjoy travelling and exploring different cultures then seek out interesting antique and vintage furniture or artefacts on your travels by bringing memories into your home. Not only does this add character and style to a home but it becomes an interesting talking point.

If you are travelling to Barcelona in the next four weeks book one of my 3-hour green shopping tours or book a personal shopper for the entire day here and subscribe to my blog.

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