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Appreciate cotton

Updated: May 24, 2020

In the 17th century Liverpool, was the largest and most common cotton trader in the world, exporting worldwide via the port of Liverpool. In 1906, a purpose-built Cotton Exchange building was erected, allowing cotton traders to trade from an office base, not as before on the street curb hackling on Castle Street.

The first recorded cotton dealing in Liverpool city was a newspaper advert for an auction of 28 bags of Jamaican cotton in 1759, and over the next seven decades, the Industrial revolution brought major changes to cotton production.

The ICA (International Cotton Association) is the world's leading international cotton trade association and arbitral body. Formerly the Liverpool Cotton Association which was formed in 1841 in Liverpool by a group of cotton brokers who created a set of trading rules which regulated the sale and purchase of raw cotton.

The ICA is responsible for the international cotton supply chain the CICCA (Committee for International Cooperation between Cotton Associations) which is reasonable for the international cotton supply chain. It has established partnerships with global cotton associations including China Cotton Association, Bremen Baumwollboersa and the Gdynia Cotton Association.

Socially conscious consumers take a minute to read the label and understand where the product and materials came from and we appreciate the product journey. We all wear cotton it is one of the most important shrubs we cultivate across many countries.

Here are 10 reasons to appreciate the cotton:

1. The ICA which operate from Liverpool city regulate the bylaws which cover the purchase and sale of cotton between any two companies anywhere in the world. They are published in a variety of languages and ensure production is ethical.

2. The cotton plant is a shrub and cultivated in over 90 countries for its fibre and seeds.

3. 2.5% of world cropland is planted with cotton

4. It is an angiosperm, dicotyledonous plant, which belongs to the family of Malvaceae. It is native to Asia and Africa

5. Tightly woven 100% cotton is the easiest most effective fabric to sew with

6. Like linen, hemp, bamboo, soybean, sisal, piñatex, the list goes on....cotton is a natural plant source and tightly regulated.

7. Cotton is less expensive to buy

8. The flower on the cotton plant is in the hibiscus family. It is very beautiful

9. Cotton washes perfectly on an Eco spin (reducing water consumption) 10. Most clothes are made of cotton and polyester.

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