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Green places for plant and coffee lovers

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

If lush foliage, tiny succulents, cacti and genetically modified plants excite you then remind yourself to visit a plant shop or garden centre this week. Being surrounded by plants and nature, by living species improves our state of mind. Fresh intense aromas make for a harmonious environment. Plants 100% make us happy. Like the smell of a home-cooked meal after a long day at work, or a wall full of books and music, plants make a home feel like home.

Cool places for plant and coffee lovers
Places for plant and coffee lovers

When I moved to Barcelona six months ago, I knew I would miss my garden, but oddly my growing collection of tropical plants for allergies and cycling along the beach is a fitting replacement.

The large surface area on plants improves the air quality while exchanging gases and water via their surroundings, in turn reducing carbon dioxide levels. In an ideal world, every workplace, balcony and cohabiting space would be home to a couple of large plants which we can all share and enjoy.

If you live in Barcelona or you plan to visit find time to enjoy one of the following plant shops which are a little bit more than a plant shop. These plant shops are in abundance with botanical species and sweet-smelling aromas that literally make the hairs on my arms stand up.

There are hundreds of beautiful botanical shops and small independent plant boutiques in Barcelona city, so here are three botanical plant shops with a twist:

1. Casa Protea - Plant collectors and design studio

My neighbour introduced me to this place as it is only a couple minute from my flat. The owners have cleverly selected a wide variety of species, tropical plants, cacti, succulents and air plants and really beautiful, handmade, designer, ceramic pots and plant stands. It is much more than a meeting place for plant lovers as they offer other services such as Interior Design with plants: advisory and plant care services and they run amazing project workshops. If you are in Gracia, check it out.

2. Au Nom De La Rosa - Flowers and botanical foods

If you are English and missing the sweet smell of an English rose you will love this small independently owned boutique as it specialises in roses. I had to include this shop as they supplied the flowers, plants and foliage at my wedding. They design and make a selection of botanical rose-infused gourmet foods which are truly heavenly. I have not tasted the entire range but I can highly-recommend the botanical rose tea, rose marmalade and rose petal dark chocolate. Even if you aren't a plant lover or fussed on roses, there is something for everyone to enjoy here.

3, Espai Joliu - plants, pottery, coffee and magazines

I came across this shop in Poblenou when cycling to work one morning. The smell of freshly brewed coffee overpowers the delicate aromas of the plants, but that doesn't matter because this simple coffee, plants and books concept works perfectly. You can enjoy a coffee and a bite to eat, whilst browsing the small selection of plants, pottery and cactus which are in abundance. If you love coffee (other drinks are available) and like being surrounded by plants visit this shop as it is the perfect meeting place for plant and coffee lovers alike.

Plants and nature inspire us. They are intuitive in immensity and like books, art and listening to music, plants make a home more homely. If you live in Barcelona or you are visiting for a few days find time to visit one of these green places for plant and coffee lovers and subscribe to my blog for greener cleaner sustainable shopping tips.


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