10 denim jeans made to last

Updated: Jun 5

You are probably wearing a pair of denim jeans as you are reading this, and if you aren't, you wore a pair of denim jeans yesterday or the day before. It does not matter where you are from in the world or how much you have spent on your denim jeans, most cultures wear denim jeans and everyone finds denim jeans interchangeable.

10 denim jeans made to last

We have been wearing denim jeans since 1850 and we are still wearing them now. Mother nature created cotton as a perennial, which is why jeans were originally designed to last a long time. Look at your jeans, and see how the denim is very tightly weaved from cotton. As I have mentioned in a previous blog 9 reasons to appreciate Cotton cotton is a beautiful shrub that is cultivated in over 90 countries. When you visit Liverpool be sure to check out the National Museums Liverpool and understand slavery still actually exists so think twice before you buy a cheap pair of jeans. Jeans are made from just five, perfectly designed components: two legs, two back pockets and a waistband. Designers have been using Avant-guard design technics to demonstrate uniqueness and to set styles apart from each other for decades. My particular favourite is stonewashed denim from the '70s. Levi mastered this technic and still to this day they continue to do so. To achieve this look, denim is spun with pumicestones in a large industrial washing machine. The longer the denim is spun, and it is spun for a really long time using masses of water, the lighter the colour of the fabric. A lot of energy goes into making denim so it is worth investing in a decent pair of denim jeans that will last a long time. I have a long denim Donna Karen (DKNY) skirt which I bought in New York in my twenties and I still wear it today! I love it.

Let's face it, we all love denim so who invented jeans? Like many masterpieces, jeans were designed by a commission, much like the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican and the Mona Lisa in the Lourve, Italian artist, Leonardo de Vinci was commissioned by a client to paint these Italian renaissance masterpieces. Our go-to Jeans were also a commission. A client requested a strong pair of work pants, for a husband who was a woodcutter and before too long, designer Jacob W. Davis, a household Latvian American designer could not put up with the demand for working pants so he partnered with Levi Strauss who mass-produced them. Levi unquestionably make fabulous long-lasting stylish jean therefore it goes without saying I have included Levi in to my top ten long-lasting, quality jeans list. If you are reviewing your wardrobe, one thing everyone should own is a decent pair of bootcut and skinny denim jeans as these particular styles are classically interchangeable and generally work on most body frames. For different reasons, that being the quality (strength, stretch, durability and recovery), technic (warp and weft, hemming or a selvedge edge), comfort and fit or the use of a greener cleaner Jeanologia manufacturing process, this is my carefully selected top ten denim jeans ranging from 80GBP-500GBP.

  1. Citizens of humanity

  2. Nudie jeans

  3. Denham

  4. Helmet Lang

  5. Acne studios (so cool someone stole mine from my washing line!)

  6. DKNY

  7. Momotaro jeans

  8. Hiut jeans

  9. Paul Smith

  10. Levi Strauss

Remember to show our jeans some love. Wear a new pair of jeans many many times before you wash them. If you do wash them on an eco wash and turn them inside out. If they get dirty, wipe the markdown, rather than machine wash them. Or completely refrain from washing them all together, instead, place them in the freezer overnight. Love denim, love cotton, love our jeans.

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