My name is Angela, I was born in Liverpool where I studied Graphic Design and Fashion and Textiles. 


In my twenties, I relocated to London where I lived and worked as a Studio Manager and Executive Assistant within Architecture, Interior Design and Property for 15 years. 


I believe small-big changes count. I believe in making every choice count, from the clothes we wear to the interiors in our homes and the environmental choices we make every day.  

If you ever wonder "What should I wear?" or "What is this made from?" and you want to be able to open your wardrobe or front door and be happy with the choices you have made support my blog.


If you are visiting Barcelona anytime soon, book one of my Barcelona shopping experiences and if you are interested in a greener cleaner design process across all consumption divisions click the button below to subscribe to my blog.

Outside A Circus

Outside a Circus is an eccentric hat shop inspired by plants and nature, Shopping tours in Barcelona and a green fashion, shopping and interiors blog.


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